The Zurich Institute for Clinical Sexology and Sexual Therapy ZISS is comprised of a team of sexologically specialized psychiatrists, psychotherapists and medical doctors. Our purpose and concern are to spread and mediate sexological knowledge and to facilitate the improvement of sexual health in its multi-faceted – biological, social, individual and relationship – aspects.

Our work is based on an interdisciplinary perception of sexuality based on the concept of the Sexocorporel. This model of sexual function integrates all of the components that influence each other in course of human sexual development. It assumes that the abilities enabling the modelling and experience of sexuality can be learned and developed throughout a lifetime.

Workshops in the Sexocorporel method

Sexologists and health professionals interested in the Sexocorporel method: Please check in periodically for date and location of our next introductory workshop in English. You can also send us your email address if you want to be put on the mailing list for this information.

Erectile Dysfunction. Sexual Therapy and Sexual Counseling in the Sexocorporel Approach

Peter Gehrig, 2010. Translated and slightly revised by Karoline Bischof, 2018.
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Body Movement Is Associated With Orgasm During Vaginal Intercourse in Women

Annette Bischof-Campbell, Peter Hilpert, Andrea Burri & Karoline Bischof (2018). The Journal of Sex Research, DOI: 10.1080/00224499.2018.1531367